Foshay Ad

Advertisement, Layout, Copywriting

The Foshay Ad Campaign was comprised of three parts - a 8.5" x 11" single page ad, a 17" x 11" two page magazine spread, and a large 8" x 24" poster. Our advertising campaign for the Foshay Tower and Observation Deck, titled "Come Get High With Us," embodies a creative and innovative approach to repositioning this iconic landmark in the context of local marijuana legalization. Through meticulous attention to both visual aesthetics and persuasive copywriting, our campaign aims to captivate the audience and invite guests on a journey of elevation and exploration.

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Perspective showing nook between bedrooms on the second floor. The window leads to a terrace on top of the kitchen below. Aerial view of our OnOlive proposal.Section view of OnOlive competition entry, informed by the shotgun house typology.
Project Background

The concept behind "Come Get High With Us" is multi-layered. It cleverly leverages the double entendre of the phrase "get high," resonating with both the literal elevation offered by the tower and the euphoric experience associated with marijuana consumption. This dual interpretation injects a playful and contemporary twist into the campaign, making it relevant to the times and engaging to our target audience.

Our journey began with extensive research into the Foshay Tower's history, significance, and existing marketing strategies. We delved into the cultural context surrounding marijuana legalization in the local area, identifying opportunities to align our campaign with current social trends while maintaining sensitivity to diverse perspectives. Brainstorming sessions allowed us to generate a plethora of ideas, exploring various themes, visual motifs, and messaging strategies. We engaged in open dialogue, challenging each other's assumptions and pushing the boundaries of creativity to uncover a compelling concept.

Once we settled on the concept of "Come Get High With Us," we embarked on the visual development phase, sketching out rough ideas and experimenting with different artistic styles and compositions. We drew inspiration from contemporary design trends, as well as the unique architectural features of the Foshay Tower itself.

Collaboration was key as the art director translated our conceptual vision into tangible visuals, refining and iterating upon initial sketches to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and conceptual resonance. Through digital mock-ups and mood boards, we fine-tuned every visual element, from color palettes to typography choices, ensuring consistency and coherence across all three print pieces.

Simultaneously, the copywriter crafted evocative headlines, compelling taglines, and persuasive body copy that complemented the visual narrative and reinforced the campaign's central theme. Drawing from our research insights and creative brainstorming sessions, we honed in on language that resonated with our target audience, striking a delicate balance between wit, charm, and informative clarity.