Senior Thesis Exhibition, Undergraduate Capstone, User Experience

Spinnergy Records is a passion project conceived from a love for music exploration, seeking to redefine the way individuals engage with and dissect musical albums. The project introduces a digital tool that enables users to analyze albums for their energy, emotion, and storyline, using descriptive keywords and emojis to capture the essence of each piece. Drawing inspiration from traditional vinyl record stores, the project aims to evoke the satisfaction and joy of physical music discovery in a digital age dominated by streaming services. The focal point of the project is a mock record store exhibit, where visitors can utilize the Spinnergy Records tool to navigate and explore multidimensional auditory stories, intentionally discovering their next favorite album.

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The origination of Spinnergy Records emerged from a deep-seated desire to reignite the magic of music discovery – a sentiment shared by Nick, a music enthusiast with a passion for of vinyl records and the immersive experiences that they bring. As a frequent visitor to local record stores, Nick found comfort in the physical and tactile process of flipping through albums, admiring cover art, and uncovering hidden gems within the depths and archives of vinyl record stores.

In an increasingly digital world dominated by streaming platforms and algorithmic recommendations, Nick acknowledges and questions this shift away from these tangible, sensory-rich experiences that he cherishes. Nick believes. That the convenience of online music streaming comes at the expense of true satisfaction of exploration and discovery.

Determined to recapture the essence and satisfaction of physical music exploration, Nick embarked on a journey to create a digital tool that would bridge the gap between traditional record stores and modern digital music interfaces. He envisions a tool that would combine the visual allure of album artwork and  immersive storytelling, offering users a multi-dimensional experience that transcends the limitations of automated music discovery methods.